Selasa, 2 Oktober 2012 this..i smile when i look at this..

Salam..this happened to be a humour/cartoon sketch by Azben Skymar...about me being the AJK for KCT (Kelab Cintai Taiping)..i smile (n laugh actually)..looking  at "me " as Cikgu Miesah  in this drawing but i take it as an appreciation how other people are looking at u..and this how Azben look at it..but then i want to keep this sketch as a memory (later on) of  me being a part of KCT..we are not always notice by other people..ya..i prefer to be un-notice ..i prefer to give smile n happiness to others although i don't have to be with them...
To Azben  Skymar  who ever u are...i THANK U..

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