Jumaat, 11 Februari 2011


Hi..actually this photo was taken years ago (4 yrs ago  ..if not mistaken...) with Alex n Amirah.....we were in the Bio Lab after the last practical lesson...dissection of rat!...don't worry the rat is not alive...Well..as time past by..i have a very fond n sweet  memories with my students.. Although they already leave the schools but we still contact each other..and Alex..he is so funny n creative..Last Raya he came to the house wearing Baju Melayu n Sampin ...hihihi..he sure is different..one memories that I can't forget is when he announce my birthday during school assembly and even bring a cake on behalf of the class..n.. I'm so speechless...it happened in front of everybody in schools...!!! So..when I looked at this photo i smile n feel proud to have students that appreciate us ..their teacher..